Humanly offers a trusted space for people living with cancer to be themselves—to speak and be seen, heard, and understood. It celebrates their humanity and the nuanced moments that make up their lives. Humanly is the beginning of a new patient paradigm—one that is of the people, by the people, for the people. A paradigm that will humanize cancer, be the catalyst for self-advocacy, and shift the focus from disease to life with disease.

We are inclusive, empathetic, and attentive to each person’s voice. We don’t talk at our community, we listen and invite dialogue. We illuminate things that often go unsaid, giving space for each person to embrace feelings of doubt or vulnerability and to welcome the support of others. We believe in the power of individual personal moments that create a shared experience to instill comfort, strength, and optimism.

The launch of Humanly will be through Our Story, our first product that captures humanly experiences of living with cancer—the stories that make up our lives and shape who we want to be. For the launch of Our Story, we interviewed women and men—patients, survivors, nurses, and caregivers—from around the country. As Humanly Ambassadors, they shared their stories with us—what they care about, what has been most difficult to overcome, and what brings meaning to their lives. To listen, connect, and share your story, visit

Please contact us for more information on Humanly or to find out more about our upcoming initiatives.

Humanly is supported by Immunomedics